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NYC, Leave Me Alone!!

Last night I had strange dreams of NYC.

In one, I was paddling along in the waters of New York Harbor around the statue of liberty. There were large tented canvases set up over this trail through the water, so tourists could still get to spend time paddling along even if it was raining. Mind you, when I say "paddling," I mean that I was hanging onto some sort of flotation device, body half in the water, floating along, doggy-paddling with my legs out behind me in the water. I have these kinds of dreams frequently, where I am in the water and feel a strange fear that I could really just drown at any second and that it is weird that I am not more frightened by this. Anyways, the canvases blocked the views of everything. So they were pretty much counter-productive when it comes to doing touristy things. The waters were sporadically filled with little white mice with pink beady-eyes paddling along and trying to stay afloat. I kept trying to dodge them. I was paddling along WITH somebody, but I am not sure who--Kristen, E? At one point, I look to the right, and there are these two little toy ships floating on the water, ever so delicately, with the city's skyline in the background. It is night, so I think to myself, if you take a picture on your crappy camera, it's SO not gonna come out. But I decide to anyways, because the tiny boats up against the backdrop of the city are beautiful. I reach into my purse (yes, I'm wearing a purse in the water) but I've forgotten my camera. The person I am with does not have theirs either so I am disappointed. Especially after I catch a glimpse of the statue of liberty glaring at me from a break in the canvases. It is gorgeous.

In the next, I was standing in front of the statue of liberty, trying to take a picture. Whomever I was with suggested that they should take it so I could stand in the picture so that you get a sense of how big the statue of liberty is. As I'm doing this, the ever-so-cute Tina Fey runs up to me and starts posing with me, hamming it up and such. I'm a bit weirded out because, well, it's Tina Fey. And I don't really know her. And she's posing by giving me a kiss on the cheek and wrapping her arms around me and stuff. Suddenly I realize that I DO know her, and we are, in fact, friends. I give her a kiss on the cheek for one picture and notice how silky soft and blemish-free her skin is.

In the final (that I can remember at least), I am scaling the interior of the statue of liberty (I've never actually been in it before). I am climbing the stairs, and there are hordes of people. The fella I am with (a very tall husky boy who looks like he could be a football player) is climbing with me, and I stop to ask if it's open all the way to the top. I'm pretty certain it hasn't been since 9/11 but am unsure. He mutters something about 700 steps. My legs are very tired. We come upon an area where a bunch of people are staring out open windows, and I pause to look myself. It is far down. And it is a fantastic view. I turn around and my father is there with my siblings. But they are younger by about 5 or 10 years. He asks me if I'd be okay with eating frozen ravioli for dinner--that it's vegetarian. I look at him and shake my head, muttering that I don't like frozen ravioli at all, that it tastes quite bland and gross.



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