...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Random dream I had last night that woke me with a start at 2:57 AM: I was hanging out with a bunch of friends and my sister, Lesley, at this apartment complex. We're just sitting around the living room, bullshitting and drinking a bit. Suddenly there's all this noise outside, so we peer out the window and this speed-racer kinda little red car (only about as big, and as high, as a horizontal body) guns it past the window and down the sidewalk. Everyone's muttering "what the hell" when suddenly this weird jeep comes driving over across the parking lot. It's got these spinning purple things on the headlights that sorta look like pin wheels. Everyone starts laughing and pointing at the spectacle. Then another one of these jeeps appears and drives past us. It makes a sudden turn and we realize that the pin-wheel-esque items over the headlights are, in fact, blades. Everyone starts screaming as the jeep bores its way through the cement wall of an apartment across the parking lot. A third jeep appears, its engine idling as though it's just sitting there watching us like prey. Everyone starts running through the apartment just as the jeep turns towards us. As we run into the next room, a fourth jeep suddenly bores its way through the cement wall, causing everyone to start shrieking again. I'm looking around the room, trying to figure out how to get out. There's a huge defecit of windows, but suddenly I see this little window at the bottom of the wall that's covered up with cardboard. The fourth jeep is gunning its engine, and I look over and see my sister's face lit up with fear, so I scream for her and point to the small window in the wall. She lunges towards it. I wake up with a start.

Other random dream I had last night that I don't remember quite as much about: Something having to do with a long line of drooling, foaming, rabid-looking elephants coming down a ramp. They're kind of albino looking and their eyes are crazed. Some woman at the end of the ramp is standing there, wiping off their foaming lips and reshaping them slightly so they'd look a little bit more "acceptable" to the general public.

Random TV character that I've had two separate makeout dreams about, despite the fact that I don't find him that particularly attractive in real life: Hyde from THAT 70S SHOW.

Random song I heard this morning that made me think that maybe it'll be a good new year after all: "Sweet Thing" by Van Morrison.



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