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Random Van Gogh-esque Incident

I swear to god, it's no WONDER so many people think i'm mentally challenged. When you have to hear me tell stories that begin with the following, how could you not?

So I ended up bloodying my ear with my toothbrush yesterday.

*You may now nod and chuckle and mutter a "yes, definitely mentally challenged" until i explain further*

I go to brush my teeth, and as I'm mid-brushing, all of the sudden the top part (the part with the bristles) snaps off and--due to the momentum of the swinging brushing motion--the plastic sharpened dagger that was once my toothbrush gouges a couple gashes into the inner part of my ear... Which resulted in a lot of swearing, a big puffy ear, and some unpleasant bleeding... Annoying thing was, the toothbrush is only like a couple months old. Talk about SHITTY. And you wouldn't think that the trajectory of a run-away toothbrush would end with it in one's ear, but apparently that's where the motion sends it. Go figure.

So moral of this story: brush your teeth carefully, my friends, as you never know when you might lose an ear.



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