...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

INSOMNIA--Day Three and Counting

And so the kindly Eleven has stepped up as Random Guest Blogger today so that I may hibernate today... Enjoy.

"two random cars this morning, both slid off the road. randomly scraped my gum sore with my toothbrush this morning, seemingly accidentally. randomly cut my thumb with a plastic knife while trying to slice an apple.

the road was not icy. the toothbrush has soft bristles. the plastic knife is as dull as a basketball.

you wonder why, then, that things happen the way they do. why cars slide of the road when there is no ice beneath them...why soft-bristled toothbrushes are still able to make your gums sore. and then bigger problems: why love that is so intense and strong can fail, fall apart, become something that isn't love any more; why life lived so long and so well ends in an eternal silence. these are the kinds of questions that no one can answer, of course. we all know that. there is no answer to love or death...no solution to why plastic knives can barely cut an apple but manage to slice the skin so cleanly, a drop of blood dripping to the table.

maybe the blood is it. maybe that is where it all starts, even the tiniest thing. the blood that courses through the veins minute by minute with every compression of the heart. blood is not random. it follows the same paths every time, running like sprinters through every corner of our being, lines and lines of tiny cells pulsing through every avenue of the flesh. but always returning to the same place. those same four chambers. revitalized, freshened and pumped out again only to return to the same place, only to leave again. there's something about that that isn't random, that is safer, more predictable, that acts like a warm, warm blanket, comforting. comforting us enough to say life is worth living and love is worth losing."



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