...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Random Cheap and Half-Assed Plagiarism

In honor of Eleven's brilliant idea yesterday to have people ask him questions that he will answer in his blog today, I have decided today to do the following...

I will be answering questions that no one took the time to ask:

Not too shabby. You?



Well, once when I was, like, 13.

The messier the better.

Like I'm gonna answer that!

I went through a phase in 7th grade where I couldn't fall asleep unless I was wearing headphones and a specific woolen winter hat from Peru.

Almost 27. Egads.

8 years.

The day before yesterday.

Menorahs and balloons.


They're actually crowns. I'm missing one (it's a hereditary thing--my mom's missing two), and so they had to reshape them both to look like incisors--one of them's actually a canine and one's a very anorexically skinny incisor. I've never been able to wear vampire fangs for Halloween because of it.


San Francisco.




Yes. What're you implying, bitch?


If you'd like to find out the questions to these answers, please leave a comment in my web blog (beg, babies, beg!!!) and perhaps tomorrow I will list the questions. If not, SCREW YOU!



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