...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Random poll results:
And so there you have it folks. The people say Eleven and I are shagging, 66.67% of the people to be exact, and thus, it must be so.
"And the people said, 'Let there be Entertainment Weekly." And there was Entertainment Weekly.
The people said, "Let there be Michael Jackson." And lo, there was Michael Jackson.
The people said, "Let there be a marriage for Britney Spears even if it be for less than 24 hours." And Britney Spears got tanked and hitched.
And now the people say, "Let Eleven and the humble creator of My Defective Life be shagging." And so it must be. So it must be."

Random understatement of the day: It's rather snowy out.

A random variety of various nicknames I've had throughout my life:
Big L, Doot, Klauren, Klaurie, Laurie, Electric Barbarella (EB), pigtails, shortstuff, chick, butterfly, Microchip Brain (later shortened to Chip), Spiez, OOo, senorita, Killer, Ani.

A random game of "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon":
1) The night before last (the one of the big ice storm), I had a nightmare at 3:30 in the morning. I have no recollection of what it was about, but it was one of those nightmares so terrifying that in my dream, I kept trying to scream but couldn't. But I kept trying because, at some point, I realized I WAS in fact dreaming, and the only way out of this horrible dream was by waking myself up. So I kept emitting high-pitched nasty animal noises until finally (much to the dismay of my neighbors, I'm sure) I belted out a yelp loud enough to wake me up. The dream scared me badly enough that I had to pee. (A not unusual occurrence seeing as I have a tendency to pee a lot. If fleas were not so structurally different from humans and DID in fact have some sort of bladder, then the size of their bladders would be the metaphorical equivalent of my own.) I got up and went pee. While half-groggy and propped with my eyes closed on the pot, I heard what I though was thunder. Which woke me up a little, being that it's an unusual occurrence to hear thunder in the middle of the winter.
2) I went back to bed thinking that I was just hearing things. But as I lay there, trying to fall back asleep, I heard the low rumbles of thunder again. 3:30 in the morning, the middle of winter, and I had the luck of being woken up by a nightmare right in time to catch the sounds of a thunderstorm. It was lovely... I lay in bed thinking about how everything outside was coated in a thick skin of ice, some white-blue caul glistening over the landscape. The thunder was different than spring or summer thunder. It sounded as though the sky was also thick with ice and that something great and large was trying to press its way through. Each crack, a chunk of ice dislocated in the heavy black expanse. 3:30 is such a peaceful time. As is an ice storm. There is just something terribly quiet about the aftermath of an ice storm, like a baby born unbreathing unbreathing unbreathing, the mother in silent tears, until a sudden wail rises from it as it gasps for air. Like the sound of those trembling, oxygen-less purple lips.
3) Elijah Wood was in Ice Storm.
4) Elijah Wood was in Lord of the Rings with Liv Tyler.
5) Liv Tyler was in That Thing You Do with Tom Hanks. And... DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN!
6) Tom Hanks was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon.

...Keep staying tuned for the follow-up on The Piano Teacher!



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