...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Random song I heard on the radio this morning that put me in a good mood: "Monkey Gone to Heaven" by the Pixies.

Things that I (allegedly) get for free according to Dave: Free food, free car repair, free sex, a free robot.

Adam Harvey (aka Bones, aka Newbie) suggests I put a random question of the day on my blog for you lovelies to answer in my comment section, so here it is (picked by Adam, so if it sucks, go here and tell him so):
What is your favorite kind of cake?

Random reasons that I (as well as several other people) think my mechanic wants to get in my pants:
1. I know WAY too much information about the man's life because everytime I come in there to get something fixed, he sits down and talks to me for 20 minutes as though we're best buds.

Information I know about his life (which
NORMAL people should not know about
their mechanic):

  • He went on a trip out West about 6 months back with his daughter.

  • He's been going through court to get custody of his daughter because his ex-girlfriend is one helluva bitch and he doesn't want his daughter having to grow up with her.

  • He really loves his daughter. (This I think was said partially in an attempt for me to go all mushy and start AWWWWWING and then immediately drag him into bed with me.)

  • He wants his daughter's mother in her life though because he can't imagine having to teach his daughter about *gulp and gasp* maxi pads and menstruation and sex.

  • (Edged on by fellow mechanic) The only thing he is not looking forward to is his daughter getting bitchy once she starts going through her "changes in life."

  • What kind of car he has and why and where he's driven it.

  • 2. He offers me a ride home on a fairly consistent basis when I drop my car off.
    3. My car keeps breaking EVERY DAMN MONTH which I think may just be a ploy to get me back there on a regular basis (but this is just my OWN theory).
    4. My mechanic also knows way too much about my life.
    5. My mechanic always gives me discounts while winking at me and pointing to his pant zipper. (Alright, the latter part's a lie, but the former part's true, oh so true.)
    6. He once called me and told me my car was all done and ready to pick up. Then, after my boyfriend at the time drove me up there and dropped me off, I came to find that my car was NOT in fact done. And it did not end up being done for 30+ more minutes. However, my mechanic was pleased to have me there early and talked my ear off yet again.

    Random reasons that my mechanic SHOULD want to get in my pants:
    1. My middle name is spelled cool (and is unusual in its spelling).
    2. I used to hang a glow-in-the-dark crucifix in my bedroom window when I was younger, to ward off vampires.
    3. I have three nudie pictures on my wall in my living room.
    4. I own my own television.
    5. I have all ten toes and all nine fingers.
    6. I like books.
    7. I am particularly fond of the word "ukelele."
    8. I grew up in Maple Heights.
    9. 33 is my lucky number.
    10. I like robots.



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