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Random Songs from My Sexiest Songs CD Mix

1. "Let's Get It On"--Marvin Gaye;
2. "I Wanna Be Your Dog"--Iggy Pop;
3. "Sweet Transvestite"--Tim Curry;
4. "Flower"--Liz Phair;
5. "Wasted Time"--Meshell Ndegeocello;
6. "Legs"--PJ Harvey;
7. "Slow Like Honey"--Fiona Apple;
8. "Party" from Requiem for a Dream;
9. "Kashmir"--Led Zeppelin;
10. "100 Knives"--Mirah;
11. "With or Without You"--U2;
12. "I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl"--Nina Simone;
13. "Be the One"--Poi Dog Pondering;
14. "Crazy Love"--Van Morrison;
15. "Heroin"--Velvet Underground;
16. "Work It"--Missy Elliot;
17. "Lay Your Hands on Me"--Peter Gabriel.

Runner's Up: "Dilate"--Ani Difranco; "Angel"--Ben Harper; "Light My Fire"--The Doors; "Fire"--Jimi Hendrix; "Piece of My Heart"--Janis Joplin; "Lemon Song"--Led Zeppelin; Theme from Shaft; "Exit Music (For a Film)"--Radiohead; "Snake"--PJ Harvey; "Pasties & a G-String"--Tom Waits; "Queen of Quiet"--Erin McKeown; Anything by the Strokes; "Wish You Were Here"--Pink Floyd; "Kissing Song"--Dawn Landes; "La Familia"--Mirah; "Lover, You Should've Come Over"--Jeff Buckley; "Die Another Day"--Madonna (mostly b/c of the video); "Suede"--Tori Amos; "The Scientist"--Coldplay; "Come Away With Me"--Norah Jones; "Fade Into You"--Mazzy Star; "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart"--Wilco; Anything slow from Ryan Adams' Heartbreaker album; "My Wild Love"--The Doors.



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