...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Random thoughts on Starsky and Hutch:

So I was watching this show while eating dinner last night and was amused by the following...

  • Apparently Starsky thinks that raped chicks who testify again their rapists are "groovy." Told to raped female on the show, and I quote: "You're one stand-up chick." The beginning of a feminist revolution? I do believe so.

  • You ever notice that they tend to run EVERYWHERE? It's like a dose of the Baywatch syndrome or something (minus the jiggling bosoms). They get called to a crime scene where the woman's already dead and yet they run up the stairs and to the apartment doorway where the other policemen are convened as though a life depended on it.

  • They're both pretty foxy fellas. Yes yes.

  • Unclaimed influence on the Strokes? You tell me.

  • Seriously entertained the thought that Donna's dad (Bob Pinciotti) on That 70s Show might actually be the same guy who played Starsky:

    Best random line on last night's Simpsonsepisode:"Mmmmm. Blowholes."

    Random fun thing I did over the weekend: Got my palm read.

    Random things that Elaine the psychic told me:
    1. I am going to be married and have 4 children--2 boys and 2 girls.
    2. I am going to travel around Europe and some other foreign countries in the near future.
    3. I do NOT look 27. (Here her psychic powers failed her--she thought I was, in fact, 20. And she got slightly perturbed when she found out otherwise and told me I "better get a move on with things in my life.")
    4. I may end up in NYC or New Jersey.
    5. Somebody I know is going to be married soon.
    6. She's gonna pray for me.
    7. I am going to lead a successful life.
    8. A big life-change is due for me in March or April.

    Things I bought at Gabes over the weekend:
    Candles, panties, socks, gloves, a pop.

    Things I ate this weekend: Stir-fry, Phish-food ice cream, rum, coke, Monster hash, A.M. Wrap-up, ciabatta bread, Tommy's french onion soup, french fries, the BIP, more rum, more coke, pancakes, eggs over easy, white toast, spaghetti with broccoli, garlic bread, hershey kisses.



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