...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Random topics Eleven suggested I write about today: What was on television last night; hair gel.

Random topics I did NOT, in fact, write about today: What was on television last night; hair gel.

Random Jumble words for the day: BOUND, FACET, INBORN, GARISH.

Random famous people who I would have in my harem (if I had a harem--*sigh*):
1) Julian Casablancas (lead singer of the Strokes);
2) drummer of the Strokes whose name i cannot remember (Fab Something-Or-Other) but who i will refer to as "Hey, you. Drummer of the Strokes" whenever i request that he feed me grapes or fan me with a huge leaf from a tropical plant;
3) Jason Lee;
4) Angelina Jolie;
5) Maggie Gyllenhaal (preferably on all fours) &
5.5) her brother, Jake Gyllenhaal;
6) Mike Doughty;
7) Thom Yorke;
8) Franka Potente;
9) Johnny Knoxville;
10) Brad Pitt (yes, Brad Pitt--preferably in Fight Club-mode or Snatch-mode) ;
11) Edward Norton;
12) Audrey Tautou;
13) Ryan Adams (mostly just for the crooning);
14) Dave Eggers.

5 random childhood memories I was thinking about while trying to fall asleep last night:
1. How me and my best friend Annie Behlke used to go down the street to the alley behind the carpet store on Northfield and scrounge around for old carpet-sample portfolios that were being discarded and then ooh and ahh over the pretty carpeting and/or play carpet salesman;
2. Pepsi icees from the K-Mart at Southgate on a hot summer day;
3. When the father across the street from us killed himself and we saw them bring him out on a stretcher when we were about to leave for school that morning;
4. The time I projectile-vomited in front of a boy I had a crush on who had been sent out into the hallway for being bad (ahh, Barry);
5. Wearing my first bra to gym class.

Random Dave of the day: Dave Hribar



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