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Random Drive-By Sucking

I am a guest-writer for Organic Mechanic today.
Check it out!

Random response to comment #4 on last Thursday's blog:
Why do five year olds wedge pennies/peas/marbles up their nose?

Random nostalgic moment: I miss moonboots!

Random quotation that I dig:
"My idea of a dream relationship is where we meet once a week, minimum, at an appointed time, do some deep breathing and maybe some stretching to warm up, then we each get five minutes to talk, uninterrupted. After that, we do some responding: 'I heard you say this, and this...' And then maybe we hug. The houseboy brings in raspberry leaf tea, and we talk about everything from sex to finances to communication. Afterwards, we eat some pancakes and sausages and smoke cigarettes in a giant claw-footed bathtub."
-- Choire Sicha

Random question of the day: Do you believe people's astrological signs play a role in sexual compatibility/chemistry and/or shared bathroom habits?
Please provide concrete examples to back-up your argument. Your response should include an intro and conclusion and should be double-spaced, no longer than 9 pages and no less than 5. Font size should be no bigger than 12. Margins should be one inch on each side.



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