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The Strokes--What's the Attraction

Function: adjective
1 : having or relating to the power to attract [attractive forces between molecules] [an attractive offer]
2 : arousing interest or pleasure

Function: verb
a : to pull to or draw toward oneself or itself [a magnet attracts iron]
b : to draw by appeal to natural or excited interest, emotion, or aesthetic sense

Let us tackle the first part...

A. How do the Strokes arouse interest or pleasure in me?

1. I am "interested" in them because I find myself to be particularly fond of and engaged by their music. There is a certain rawness, an edge to it, that I find attractive and sexy. It makes me want to swagger into a dimly lit, smoke-filled New York City bar and challenge someone to a game of pool. They make me smile and feel something akin to "pleasure" when I listen to their cds in this shithole dungeon I call work.

2. They are cute fellas. They may not be the most traditionally foxy fellas, but they satisfy my cuteness quotient (and by cuteness, I mean "possessing a quality that makes me grin and feel a warmth towards them in my cold cold heart" in way that's similar to the way that cute goofy little kids make me feel)... They are slobby but in a charming way. They share my penchant for lack of grooming, kiddie t-shirts that fit just a LITTLE too snugly, unkempt hair, and the studied APPEARANCE of disinterest in personal hygiene. They are undeniably pretty boys, but pretty boys that most girls don't find pretty. There is something intriguing in that contradiction.

B. As for the second part ("to draw by appeal to natural or excited interest, emotion, or aesthetic sense"):

1. One need only attend one of their concerts to see the "excited interest" and "emotion" they are able to arouse in their crowds. They are perhaps one of the BEST concerts I've had the pleasure of attending. I saw them play at the Aragon in Chicago and the place was packed. The drummer (one of the two on my harem-list) ran around before the show videotaping the crowd, which in itself was rather endearing. They played with such cocky swagger that it was like being hypnotised--you couldn't take your eyes off them. And they just blew the place away. We were this huge writhing mass of sweaty bodies pulsating to each drum-beat, each chord strummed. I literally was soaked all the way through my panties (with sweat, idiots!) by the time I left and about FROZE my ass off on the way to the El. If that ain't a demonstration of their ability to draw people in with excited interest and emotion, I don't know WHAT is.

2. As for aesthetically appealing, screw you all. I find the fuckers sexy as all get out. They've got the sexiness equation down pat... Julian Casablancas (the lead singer) may not be the foxiest of fellow's, but what he lacks in good looks, he makes up for in cocky swagger and sexy voice. Neither was Jimi Hendrix the sexiest of fellas, but when he belted out that voice of his, damn if it didn't give the ladies one helluva boner. And, like Hendrix, Casablancas oozes self-confidence. And to me, ain't nothing sexier in a fella than self-confidence... And if this doesn't fit the "aesthetics" part of the definition closely enough, then I might refer you to Section A, Part 2. They's pretty, ladies and gentlemen. They's lanky and boyish and unkempt and have cutely messy hair and dress in 1970's clothes that I dig ever so much. And they're unselfconscious. These are the kindsa fellas I dig. What can I say? Some of us go for the jock-look, some of us go for the professional sports-player (Liz :), some of us dig that weird quiet girl that always sits at the back of the class, some of us dig the fella who wears skirts and dresses all in black. Ain't nothing wrong with ANY of these. Variety makes the world go round.

Random shout-out: Since it's his birthday today, I'd like to give a shout-out to Eleven. HOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA! Be nice and wish him a happy b-day too, you lazy freaks!



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