...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Kick-Ass X-mas Presents I Got from Kick-ass People With Kickin' Asses ('Cept for Adam):

(In order of receiving)

1/2. Marquee Club card;

1. Aforementioned corporate zombie t-shirt with accompanying basket of goodies including spaghetti sauce (that I've already consumed), smokey salsa (that I've eaten most of), and an assortment of cookies;

2. Pieces of Payne: A Novel by Albert Goldbarth--I read the whole goddamn thing while being snowed in on Thursday, *sob*;

3. Gift certifs for Pacific East (sushi), Mac's Backs (bookstore), and an ice cream shop;

4. Ferrero Rochero chocolates;

5. Homemade beer;

6. Awesome Egon Schiele painting--also a mixed cd (which I'm about to put on), some Victoria's Secrets panties, some Burt's Bees lip gloss (cracked lips rejoice!), and an aveda candle;

7. An Antioch College-variety cookbook;

8. Dvds of The Shining and the new Dawn of the Dead (which I can finally lend you, Pattie);

8.5. $25 gift card for Barnes & Noble;

9. Sushi plates;

10. Socks;

11. Martini glasses;

12. A magic box;

13. (I feel like I'm forgetting something, so please insert here);

14. A toaster (finally--no more toasting toast in the oven);

15. Othello;

16. Sushi plates (Part II);

17. The Six Feet Under first season (wetting self with glee);

18. My pomander clove candle of worship;

19. (I also feel like I'm embarassingly forgetting something here as well, so please insert as my mind has gone blank).



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