...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...


He was a bandit, an outlaw, a juggernaut back when juggernauts were still cool. His face had gotten burned off in the bank robbery of the summer of '53. He'd worn a mask ever since. He had rough patchy skin just like a pinkerton avocado and so his friends (what few he had of them) and his partners in crime called him Pinkerton (Pinkie for short). He also had three pinkie fingers, so the name caught on quickly.

Between '51 and '59, he robbed 57 banks. He shot and killed one deputy, but only when his gun went off by accident. No one ever realized he was the infamous Corkido Kid until after his death.

Later on in his life, after finding Jesus, he turned away from this life of crime and started a band: Pinkerton's Assort. Colours. They met with only mediocre reviews, but he loved to sing. He also liked to look suspiciously at people while he lit a cigarette. It was just something he liked to do. He couldn't quite explain it.


He was a man. He was a man who loved.



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