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Slang Words

Slang words for genitalia from 2nd century Chinese pillow books:

Erect penis

  • Positive or Vigorous Peak

  • The Hammer

  • Heavenly Dragon Stem

  • Red Phoenix

  • Coral or Jade Stalk

  • Clit

  • The Jewel Terrace

  • Jade Pearl

  • Golden Jewel of the Jade Palace

  • Labia

  • The Examination Hall

  • Vulva

  • The Golden Cleft and Jade Veins

  • The Open Peony Blossom

  • The Golden Lotus

  • The Jade Pavilion

  • The Palace

  • The Open Lotus Flower

  • The Receptive Vase

  • The Cinnabar (or Vermilion) Gate

  • Sex

  • Mist on the Mountains of Wu

  • The Meeting of the Dragon and the Unicorn

  • The Clouds and the Rain

  • Orgasm

  • The Bursting of the Clouds

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