...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...


I was gonna write something today about how people are like archaeological digs and how I sometimes wish that people would wanna dig more into MY pit. But then the latter part sorta sounded like it should be accompanied by a BOW CHICKA BOW WOW, so I kinda lost interesting in discussing this.

Then I was gonna write about what I thought was a lovely little lyrical part of a song I heard last night about how we're the needle on a record player, always in that one place, never in the future and never in the past. How the past and future are fallible and wishy-washy and fuzzy so it's sorta a good thing if we find peace with being stuck wherever we are in the little ridge on our record, feeling out the present like a blind woman running her hands over Braille. But then I realized I'd only heard the lyrics once and am totally not gonna be able to do them justice. Which I haven't. I've butchered and distorted their meaning, no doubt, with my graceless and tired train of thought this morning. *Bending over to be whipped in retribution*

So instead of writing about all these things, I'm gonna take a "lameness day-out" like we all do way too frequently on these things and say, ask me anything you'd like in my comment section and I will try to answer it. Without coherence or grace I'm guessing, simply due to lack of sleep. But I will try nonetheless.



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