...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Weirdest Dreams Last Night

So I had this really vivid and totally bizarre dream last night. Freud would probably say that it was some sort of subconscious manifestation of my nervousness about my car constantly breaking down. Or wait. No. More likely, he'd probably say that it represented something have to do with the phallus and my penis-envy.

Anywho, I am at a meeting with D____ at work about this new shit we're learning to do. We're all joking around and feisty and boisterous and then the meeting finally ends. I go out to my car with Maura (who is also there for some reason) and my back tire is completely mangled and distorted on the frame. K____, the chick that annoys the crap out of us at work, apparently has no driving skills and has slammed into and her car is still pressed up against it, so it is difficult to NOT know who the culprit is.

I am irate.

She comes out and just walks up to her car and gets in and then starts to pull out of the parking space. I am looking at her in complete disbelief and amazement. I start hollering at her and pointing at my tire. Maura and D_____ hold me back and try to calm me down. As per usual, this woman is COMPLETELY oblivious and has no sense of social decorum or what should be done in this situation.

I'm hollering about how I'm gonna sue her ass off when D______ points out that there's no way I'm going to be able to because I am illegally parked in a handicapped parking space. I had not realized this. I look underneath my car and there is a yellow handicapped symbol. The rest are white. I argue that this difference in color is what made me not notice it.

Maura calms me down and tells me to get into my car--it will still be drivable, she says. In real life, there would be no chance in hell that a wheel this mangled would get me anywhere. But in my dream, she is right.

I get in and start to pull out and it is driving fine.

*Here I have a lapse in memory*

Somehow Maura and I end up nose-diving into quickly rushing waters. It ends up somehow being related to my car being f-ed up again. We get knocked loose of the car and find ourselves trying to navigate the rapids and whitecaps crashing against us and throwing us around rocks. I'm looking for my car, slightly p.o.ed that Maura convinced me to drive it when it obviously was in no shape to be driven. At the end of the rapids amongst calmer waters, there is a kayak swirling around and two kayakers who had also been thrown out trying to grab onto it. My car is bobbing up and down next to their kayak (except that it is now my ex's super-huge station wagon beater).

I am mad.

I hate my car.

I wake up feeling the same damn way.



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