...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Moving Right Along--Doo Doo Doo. Doo Doo Doo.

So there it is. Done and gone. I am all moved in, thanks to a lovely bunch of people that I would squeeze like a pimple (but much more lovingly) if they'd just let me and stop acting like I have cooties.

Surprisingly, the move went without a hitch. The night before, I made the mistake of reading my new Fangoria mag before I went to bed. There were pictures from this new movie coming out:

If only I could find a better picture of the creatures and their razor sharp fangs, you would understand why I kept waking up to every little noise that night.

I managed to live through the night though and got up early Saturday morning to drag my ass leerily to the Uhaul place. I was expecting a lot of hassle, but I was done in about 5 minutes. We all trekked out to my Mayfield apartment and loaded it all up.

I nabbed someone from the management office and she came over to look things over before I left. Had I known that she wouldn't open the fridge, the oven, etc.--that literally she would just stand in the living room and look around and ok it--I wouldn't have worked so hard trying to clean the place up. Ah well.

We returned to Tremont where we started the unload. Everything went without a kink, despite the occasional whine and grimace, until we resigned ourselves to the fact that there was NO way the couch was gonna make it up through the hallway.

Because I have angels for friends (and buff angels at that), we managed to pull the huge-ass couch up the side of the house and onto my balcony. This was amazing and impressive--two folks manning the ropes, 2 folks getting it started on its way up, and then two of us pulling it over the edge of the balcony without falling off. Needless to say, I was ridiculously impressed.

After that, everyone was completely and totally whipped. Understandably.

And yet, my lovely friends dragged their asses back to Adam's place where they gave me a bit of housewarming/birthday loving by throwing together a fantastically delicious lunch. This consisted of a variety of finger foods (cheese, triskets, etc.), desserts (cookies, brownies), some fantastic homemade black-bean dip and homemade tortillas (courtesy of the awesome Pattie), and Adam's awesome chili. Throw in a variety of Great Lakes Brewing Co. beers, and it was a killer way to end a strenuous afternoon.

Unfortunately my apartment didn't manage to unpack itself while I was gone--I had high hopes, but despite it being an awesome apartment, it apparently isn't magical. So I spent all of Saturday and Sunday unpacking.




I am now officially unpacked. Other than the ridiculous amount of boxes wedged in my bathroom hallway, everything's in its right place and I am a happy lady.

So, Pattie, Adam, Eric, and G, I salute you with a mighty pimple-squeezing hug for all your help this weekend. Ain't nothing better than friends like you all. =)



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