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Nazi Skinhead

So I'm hanging out with my friend Traci for the first time in about a year last night. We're fighting to talk against the Star Wars movie that her husband is watching full-blast on their large television (complete with English subtitles--I have no clue why) and the incessant sneezing of her 14-month old daughter Brooklyn who somehow just managed to accidentally jam her nose into the Star War's dvd collector case and cannot stop the chain reaction for nearly 5 minutes straight. Over all this ruckus, we manage to yammer on a little bit about what's been going on with us in the last year, the usual catch-up kinda conversation. We sink back easily into the warm comfort of making fun of one another as well. This turns into a brief reminiscence about college and the likes. Which makes Traci suddenly start laughing and recollect upon the first time she met me.

"I didn't really know what to make of you at first--I thought there was no way I was gonna like you. I just thought you were this weird kinda hippie." She pauses lengthily and thoughtfully. "Either that or a Nazi skinhead racist." She says this totally seriously. Dead seriously.

I am apalled.

I sputter a little at her, never having heard this story before. I've heard many a bizarre recollection of first encounters with me, most of which DO unfortunately entail a "hippie" description thrown in there somewhere (though I must admit, one actually consisted of a description of me as "like a model"). But never, NEVER, has someone's description gone this route.

She starts laughing. As do I after suddenly recalling my garb and haircut back in the day--at one point I had my hair buzzed down to a clean 3/4 inch by my reluctant hairdresser; and I wore pretty frequently my trusty pair of black jungle boots. This thankfully explains it.

Thank god she was smart enough not to get caught up on this first impression though. And thank god the conversation drifts along on a better and more peaceful wave, with her remarking happily that I am the only person she keeps in touch with still from college.

That's ONE big point to chalk up for THIS nazi skinhead.

So what other weirdass first impressions do you people have of me?



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