...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Ant-Eating Gun-Toter

10 Things I've Done that Most People Haven't

1. Been witness to three butt-nekkid people simultaneously miming exercising on my cardio-machine.

2. Gave someone some "loving" by the War Memorial fountain behind the Cleveland Public Library, in the middle of the day, in the middle of winter.

3. Saw the world's largest thermometer.

4. Had one of the Indigo Girls "check me out" according to one of my friends.

5. Spent a whole week topless out in the woods camping.

6. Still don't have a cell phone and have never been on a plane. Just realized that this is not technically something that "most people HAVEN'T done" so thinking of a new one--um, attended a Christian youth group for a couple years despite being pretty certain I was atheist.

7. Actually had my car break down in the freezing cold immediately after my mom told me "You should make sure to take a scarf and hat with you--what if your car breaks down?" and I rolled my eyes at her.

8. For about 3 months in middle school, couldn't fall asleep unless I was wearing a woolen winter hat and earphones.

9. Saw someone who'd just killed themself.

10. Once pulled out a gun and pointed it at my dad when I was under 6 years old.

11. Accidentally ate a whole bunch of ants.



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