...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Sunny Days! Keeping the... Clouds Away!

I suppose I should sit and write something interesting as it is nice and glorious and sunny out and yet I am sitting in my cubicle here, counting down the remaining 84 minutes before i get to leave. Writing would help pass the time. I can think of nothing to write though. The sun has hypnotized me and stolen all my deep thoughts! He'p me! He'p me!

So instead I will make some random lists.

Things I Would Like to Be Doing Outside in the Gloriously Warm Sun Today

  • Lying in the slightly cool grass watching the clouds roll by.

  • Lying in the slightly cool grass and making out with someone else also lying in the slightly cool grass.

  • Drinking an ice cold beer while sprawl-legged in a lawn chair with the criss-cross patterns tattooing themselves tightly on the undersides of my thighs.

  • Making a dandelion chain.

  • People-watching and concocting insane stories about each person.

  • Peeling and eating a ripe avocado with a glass of ice cold lemonade nearby.

  • Reading House of Leaves for the first time but outdoors.

  • Sitting and devoting more thought to the erotic dream I had last night about Jeremy Sisto.

  • Watching and petting somebody else's dog.

  • Watching little kids spin around in circles and get dizzy.

  • Walking down the street, slightly tipsy, with my arm around a good friend who is also slightly tipsy and grinning and laughing and with the slightest hint of beer-breath.

  • Painting my toenails.

  • Playing hopscotch with some little kids.

  • Walking in cool squishy mud.

  • Thinking about squids. But outdoors.

  • Digging in a garden.

  • Thinking about crushes and all the dumb boys I've had crushes on.

  • Whittling (or more precisely, learning to whittle).

  • Hoping for a thunderstorm.

  • Walking around nekkid in a grassy field.

  • Eating chocolate-covered strawberries on a picnic blanket with a sundress on, a warm breeze blowing, and painted toenails.

  • Famous People I've Had Erotic Dreams About

  • Jeremy Sisto

  • Danny Masterson

  • All of the Strokes--and at one time (!!)

  • My memory fails me and I cannot think of any others though I know there have been many more.

  • Chain of Words that is Popping into My Head Randomly and In a Row Right... NOW!

    Siss Boom Ba (though I don't think that's technically a word)
    Cry baby
    Punkerton (that's made up)
    Spliff (is this a word?--must look up)

    Current Favorite Name for a Cat:

    Poupee de Madalpour



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