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This is the Story of the Boys Who Loved You
This is the Story of Your Red Right Ankle

12:35 am. Woke up thinking it was almost time for me to get up for work. Every day this past week, I've woken up about 30 minutes to an hour after I've fallen asleep, buoyed on the confusing thought that it is almost time for the alarm to cackle me into wakefulness and herd me off to work. The novelty is starting to wear thin.

I did, however, manage to get my furnace running correctly last night finally. When I arrived home from work, my apartment was at a stark 55 degrees. I was not pleased. The blowers were blowing only cold air. On the recommendation of Pattie, I pumped the heat as high as possible when I got home. I then realized that what appeared to be happening was that for some reason, the fire was turning itself off when the fan kicked on. So no hot air was coming out. After much fiddling, it accidentally started running correctly and managed to limp through the night like that--it was a toasty night of dreaming. We'll see if it stays that way.

I could not find a good position though. During the movie last night, I shifted my neck to the right only to be met with a resounding snake of nerve-pain that slithered down the upper half of my spine. So nearly every hour I woke up, my neck stiff and aching, trying to search out a comfortable way to sleep.

At 3:53 am, a fat man with a tuba decided it was an opportune time to bust out some loud notes in my living room. He struck the same three notes and then paused for a minute and then again, the same three notes. This also woke me up. A fat man with a tuba should not be sitting in your living room at 3:53 in the morning without your permission.

I like waking up to the sound of sea gulls. If I remember correctly, they are considered the dirtiest bird next to the pigeon, but how can a person despise a bird whose call gives them the illusion that they are rolling over into the warm sand and waters of a beach. I also like waking up to a song stuck in my head.

It is getting ligher earlier. This is a nice thing. On my way to work, the sun was a hot nickel against my eye.

There are probably more important things on my mind lately. But sometimes these thoughts deserve to be spoken or thought anywhere but in some blog. So these words will just have to suffice.



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