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Jumping On

So I've decided to jump on the contest bandwagon this month.*

Yesterday, while bored, I started fiddling with different things on my blog to spice it up a little. And I got to thinking that I could use a better by-line than "Ruminations on the Randomness of Existence" (which I've begun to get tired of looking at).

I contemplated changing it to the simple "Classy" for a while, in honor of an embittered past response to blog. But that seemed a bit too short.

I then contemplated changing it in honor of a more recent embittered response, calling it "'Pretentious' and Loving It" (Lord knows, I am very much ashamed that due to these recent events, it's finally come out that--parents, cover your children's eyes and tell them to press their hands against their ears--I am a philosophy major who *sob* actually still enjoys discussing philosophy and *choking on own tears* finds such discussions valuable).

But that just doesn't seem to have the right kinda ring to it either.

Last night I thought of several others:

  • "Let's Punch Things"

  • "Why I Got Beat Up in High School" and

  • "Philosophical Ravings of the Abrasive but Foxy L: Or "A Razorblade Tampon in the Pooter of the Universe"" (which may become the new one for the time being).

    But none of these really wet my whistle, tweaked my G-spot, rotated my tires either.

    So, my humble readers, I give to you the honor of choosing my next by-line.

    Submissions will be accepted for the next 2 weeks, through May 6. You can submit your suggestions through the comments section of today's blog.

    My favorite byline(s)** will be used as my new by-line(s) shortly after the contest has ended.

    Your reward will be seeing your witty words emblazoned like a tatt on my blog. (And if you really feel the urge, you can try to convince me in your submissions as to what other prize should be given to the first place winner.)

    *Check out Organic Mechanic for your chance at destroying others with your poetry and Land of the Anxious Dog to destroy people with your vast knowledge of poop metaphors.

    **If I am smitten with more than one, I will incorporate several headings onto the blog over the course of the following months.



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