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A review of Fruit #1 on my quest for trying a new fruit every week. *Cue you all making fun of me for never having had a kiwi before*

Uniqueness: The kiwi is bristly and furry on the outside, kind of like a boar or wilderbeest. It is a brilliant and vivid green on the inside, kind of like the color that everything turns right before a thunderstorm. Visually and tactily, it is definitely a unique fruit.

Flavor and consistency: The kiwi is sweet with a bit of tartness. (The softer the kiwi when you squeeze it, the sweeter the kiwi; the harder, the more sour.) The consistency is soft and yet slightly crunchy due to the tiny delicate black seeds inside--the crunchiness of the seeds is my favorite part.

Healthiness: Of all fruits, it has the most nutrients packed into 100 grams of its kiwiness. (Read more.) A kiwi a day also helps the heart in the same way that taking an aspirin a day helps it. (Read more.)

Ease of consumption: Slice it in two, grab yourself a spoon, and you have a perfectly delightful snack.

Complaints: None.

Overall: I had a friend nab me 9 more of these from the market over the weekend--need I say more?

Grade: A



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