...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...


Elliot: Those gyno girls are really putting the pressure on. We must have looked at a hundred women's bajingos today. Bajingo, bajingo, bajingo. I mean, I can't even look at my own bajingo, you know?
Carla: Is that because it looks so much like a vagina?
Elliot: (chokes) Carla, there's people!
(I {heart} Scrubs.)

Things that are complicated:

Making decisions, boys, boys making decisions, talking while chewing taffy.

My goal for the next two months:

To try a new piece of fruit from the WSM each week that I've never had before.

Reasons you love me:

'Cause I'm a glorious DD-cup bajingo-toter!

This apparently is a monkey on training wheels:

And here is a picture of a squirrel, so I can rub Adam's face in my squirrelness one more time:

Happy weekend.



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