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The Diva Cup

A few weeks ago, I finally caved and invested in the Diva Cup. I was told I should review it once I've started using it. So here goes...

For those of you unclear as to what the hell a diva cup is, you can read all about it here. Basically, it works like a tampon but is made of silicon, is reusable, and shaped like a cup so that it collects the blood instead of absorbing it.

Comfort Level: One of the main reasons I hadn't invested in a Diva Cup (or its rubber equivalent, the Keeper) is because its size is a bit intimidating:

It looks like it has the potential for being very uncomfortable, given the difference in size between it and even the most super-absorbent of tampons. So I was leery.

Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. Once the Diva Cup has been inserted, you don't feel it any more than you would a tampon. It is actually quite comfortable, and often I actually forget that I am wearing it and need to empty it at some point. The fact that it is made out of silicone may have something to do with it (as it is soft and easily bendable), but it is definitely much scarier-looking than it actually is.

Ease of Use: The Diva Cup is a bit more complicated to use than your typical tampon. To insert a tampon, you put in the tampon and press it up until you can feel that it's fully in place. To remove, you just pull on the string and out it comes.

To insert the Diva Cup, you must do a bit of folding: Instructions for Inserting the Diva Cup. After pressing the Diva Cup together and then folding it over, you press it up into your vagina. Once it's in place, you let go, and it pops open. Then, you're supposed to make sure to twist it once so that it locks in place and doesn't leak. A tiny bit more complicated than inserting a tampon.

To remove, I just pull down on the little tab at the end until I can pinch two fingers along the base of the cup. Once I can, I just pinch to release the suction and pull it out to remove it. Also a bit more complicated than a tampon, but nothing harrowing.

Messiness: The Diva Cup is definitely a bit messier than your average tampon. Rather than absorbing your blood, it collects it in its cup and keeps it there. When you remove the Diva Cup, you have to either dump its contents into the toilet and clean it out with toilet paper or rinse it in your sink. (You are also supposed to wash it with soap and water at least twice a day.) If you're not a fan of seeing and handling blood, this may make you a bit squeamish. But for pete's sake, don't let THAT stop you--it's produced by your own body (it's not like you're wallowing in inches of someone else's warm fluids) and it's a natural thing!

Health Benefits: The Diva Cup is infinitely better for your body (because it is non-absorbent, it does not have the risk of causing Toxic Shock Syndrome--half of the reported cases of TSS have been caused by tampon usage). Read more about the health risks of tampons HERE.

Other Benefits:

  • The Diva Cup significantly reduces waste--"In 1998, 7 billion tampons and 13 billion sanitary pads and their packaging made their way into landfills and sewage systems in the USA alone!"*

  • The Diva Cup will save you money in the end. It ranges in price from $30-$35 depending on where you purchase it. This may seem like a lot of money to drop on feminine protection. However, it is durable and can last for many years, which means it'll pay for itself and then some in just a few months of what you'd be spending on tampons. **AND** you can stop shelling out your moolah to big companies that take advantage of the fact that we have no choice but to bleed a week each month and charge an arm and a leg to keep us from bleeding all over the place.

  • Tampons need to be changed every 6-8 hours in order to reduce risk of TSS. The Diva Cup only needs to be changed twice a day--leaving it in for extended periods of time is not risky because the Diva Cup is non-absorbent. The worst thing that will happen if you leave it in for too long is leakage.

  • Other Complaints: Quite honestly, there are none so far that I can think of. The only negative aspect of the Diva Cup I can think of is its messiness factor--and that is just minor in the grand scheme of things.

    Overall Opinion: The Diva Cup is a wonderful thing and it's a damn shame that the tampon industry has drug stores everywhere in a headlock and you can't find the Diva Cup on the shelf of every CVS or Target. It is scary to me that something that is much safer for women, much more cost effective, and longer-lasting is so hidden from the general population. If you're reading this, you seriously should go check out the Diva Cup website and consider getting one--it's not New Age, it's not spooky, it's not weird, it's not strange and hippie-ish and scary and dirty and abnormal, it's something that SHOULD be being marketed to women so that they are aware of it and have the choice to keep their bodies safer and healthier than they currently are. /End speech



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