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Sick (and Thus Undeniably Cool) Jelly Bellies

My sister got me some of the infamous Harry Potter jellybellies this weekend.

The flavors are the sickest ever and consist of the following delicacies:

Black pepper
Ear Wax
and Vomit.

(There are other flavors as well, but they are normal jelly-belly flavors.)

I was unable to try all of them because I felt the urge to share in my pain and let other folks try them, but here is a review of the flavors from various taste-testers.

*Sidenote--I am literally getting nervous now. I've tasted all but booger (which wasn't in the box), earthworm, sardine, spaghetti, and vomit. And so many of the others have tasted terrible and are still lingering that I am gonna have to wait a bit and psych myself up.

Black pepper--Tastes EXACTLY like black pepper. Like the fresh kind that you get at nice restaurants. Not like the Mcdonald's kind or anything. I can't get the taste out of my mouth now. Uck. Now it's like peppered blueberries after eating that blueberry one. (EJ) Fucking spicy and strong--like really potent fresh pepper. (LIS)


Earthworm--Tastes like dirt as well. But a wee bit grosser. Almost spit this one out at the beginning. Thank god for the sugary centers. Except for the fact that this sugary center TASTED LIKE IT WAS WARM WITH BLOOD IN THE MIDDLE right after I praised its redemptive sugariness! Oh sweet jesus. (LIS)

Dirt--Pungent and aromatic like earth after a fresh rain. Barely able to finish chewing, it tasted so much like the smell of wet dirt. (LIS)

Ear Wax--As I've never tasted earwax, I could not vouch for the accuracy of flavor. But it certainly was sick. And definitely lingered. (LIS) Tastes like cloves. (AH) Tastes like bandaids and cloves. (LIS)

Sardine--Tastes like Sea World smells--like you're licking the inside of an aquarium. (EJ) Oh my god this one's dastardly--the fricking middle is salty too like fish sick sick sick sick. Ugh. My stomach is truly getting nauseous now. (LIS)

Soap--Sick. Tasted exactly like soap. And the flavor lingered forever too like when you'd get your mouth washed out with soap. And it goes up your nose and everything--gah! blah! (LIS)

Spaghetti--Ew. It sorta DOES taste like spaghetti. Ew. (LD)

Spinach--Yeah, it sorta tastes like it. (EM) Started off tasting like the green apple flavor was gonna arrive. It never did though. Tasted sorta plant-like but not really. Very distant resemblance to the flavor of spinach. (LIS)

Vomit--It mostly just tastes like a mix of a bunch of gross flavors. And is kinda sour. Yeah, it kinda does taste like vomit. (EM) Very sour. Very very sour. In the pukey aftertaste kinda way. Sorta had the flavor of pepper and tomatoes in it too somehow. Thank god that's the last of the nasty ones. (LIS)

Grossest: Black pepper, dirt, sardine, and earthworm. All had the longest lingering flavors.



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