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The Spot

When I was little, my parents gave me this book to read on SAFETY FOR CHILDREN which included how to not get kidnapped, how to take care of yourself if you're one of those latchkey kids (or whatever we used to call 'em), etc. Anyways, my childhood memories are spotty and far between, but one thing I still remember is this weird piece of advice the book gave:

If you are walking down the street by yourself and are afraid of your surroundings, picture a dime-sized spot in the middle of your stomach, right in the center, somewhere just above your belly button. Think hard of this spot and think of making this spot ride high in you, and it will make you walk taller and with more of a sense of self-assuredness. Since bad guys target people who look unsure of themselves, they will be less likely to mess with you when you are walking with a sense of certainty like this.

Even to this day, I find myself still using this advice when walking home late at night by myself.



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