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Angelina's Leaving Brad? FOR ME???

So I'm a bit spooked because I was bored and decided to google my blog name to see if anything interesting came up. I found a couple cool things, one of which is that the books I read (at least the ones that I've linked to from amazon.com) are being kept track of on this nifty little site which I think is kinda cool:


However, I'm a bit weirded out but intrigued because the FOLLOWING google entry came up as well:

angelina jolie nude in taking life - angelina jolie nude in taking ...

... http://www.nudeasthenews.com/interviews/26. 75.
My Defective Life. ... My Defective Life. Ruminations on the randomness of existence. ... ...
angelinajolie.star-profiles4u.com/ angelinajolienudeintakinglife/ - 72k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

How weird is that?? And yet, my only internet access is at work or at the library, so I'm never gonna know why the hell I'm being mentioned with regard to Angelina Jolie!

If you haven't figured it out, this is a desperate plea for someone to go check it out and let me know what's up:

I mean, if Angelina's getting all prepped to dump Brad and run off with my hot ass or something, I SHOULD FRICKING KNOW, you know??



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