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Danny Masterson Strikes Back

So, clearly my subconsciousness is absolutely smitten with Danny Masterson. I have no clue why this is, but clearly he's become to MY dreamworld what Ani is to Mo's dreamworld.

Last night I had my 833rd dream about kissing the boy. (Read about one of the 832 others HERE)

He was standing in the driveway, and I walked up to him. We had the intimacy of really old friends, or two people who once dated long ago. I was in a happy mood, and when I walked up to him, I threw my arms around his neck lightly, in the way that only two people who are close can do, or in the way you do when you're dancing slowly (with a space separating the two of you) at a prom. He was grinning at me and circled his arms around my lower back. We stood there like that, my arms around his neck, his around my back, chatting comfortably like really good friends who just fricking love the shit outta each other. It was a happy sort of intimate moment.

And then the conversation ended and there was a heavy pregnant pause.

Suddenly this energy just loomed up between us like this huge stormcloud, and we both leaned in to each other and began to kiss. It was a FANTASTIC kiss, like a hungry first kiss between two people who have wanted each other for a really long time, and it just went on and on and on. It was so vivid that I can even remember that he had a little dry piece of skin on his lip that my moist bottom lip kept rubbing against every once in a while. We kissed with this fierce hunger, and then he began to kiss my neck as well. And GODDAMN did it feel good, his lips feeling out their way over my muscles and sinews, dancing over the tender flesh of my neck. He sucked a little bit on it too, and I remember thinking, this is maybe not good because he may end up giving me a hickey and then my boyfriend will see. (I became aware at this point in my dream, that I was Jackie from That 70's Show, and I was dating Eric Foreman and, by kissing Hyde again, was cheating on Eric.)

The kiss ended hastily when one of us noticed that Eric was heading down the street towards us, not noticing us, but all the more reason to quit before he did.

The kiss was a fantastic one though--when I woke up in the morning, I laid in bed for about 20 minutes just thinking about the dream because it was such a damn good kiss.

The dream then morphed a bit into fragmented scenes--at one point I am at a Father's Day carnival and I see Hyde (Danny Masterson) walking about 100 yards from me, and I am thinking to myself that he is probably trying to find me. And a warm feeling of happiness washes over me.

At another point, he and I are suddenly back in medieval times, and I am donning a huge frilly dress, something like a chambermaid's or a servant's. I am now Jackie though, and am no longer experiencing things in the first person--I am instead watching myself (Jackie) interact with Hyde. She crawls over a large medieval chest to get into a quiet room in the house she is in. Hyde presses her up against the wall and lifts her skirts and they begin to kiss again. This time I am not experiencing the kiss, however, just watching it from afar.

We quickly break up when we realize that all our other friends (Donna, Fes, Kelso) are in the other room. We walk into the room together, looking slightly in disarray. I realize that I also have a light hickey on my neck from the earlier escapades, and I try to make it look as discreet as possible. The three of them start making fun of us and joking that we must have been shagging or making out together. Hyde keeps ignoring the comments, rather than denying them, and this fact causes Donna to suddenly have an epiphany that we WERE in fact making out in the other room otherwise he woulda denied it. She looks shocked and appalled. At this point Eric walks in, and I wake up.

What the hell is up with my brain's apparent obsession with Danny Masterson??? Somebody, PLEASE help me figure this out!

Man though. I haven't been kissed like that in quite some time. =)



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