...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam dream dream drea-eam!

This morning I dreamt that

a) Sesame Street had put out a new music album and my sisters were both geeked up about it because they said it was really cute and that one of the songs was introducing kids to the concept of sex. I was like, hrm, that's weird but kinda interesting, so they put the song on for me. It was a remake of some other song that I remembered at the time (some sorta R&B sexy kinda song) and it was pretty much all pornographic. I had thought it was going to be introducing kids to the terms "vagina" and "penis" and stuff but it was all about "rubbing me down with oils" and this and that. I was a bit disturbed.

b) Giant pieces of fruit were falling from the sky and landing on top of clouds. It was raining, so the rain that was being sent down from the fruit clouds was different colors depending on what fruit had landed on the cloud. I was standing atop a balcony with a co-worker and it kinda looked out over both the clouds and a pool that lay far below. We were watching the rain change the pool different rainbow colors. I leaned too hard against the railing and all the sudden it fell off, crashing into the pool. I wobbled at the edge but thankfully was able to reel myself backwards before I tumbled after the railing. My co-worker looked at me and said, "That always happens" and then picked up a really heavy piece of ironwork as though it weighed nothing at all and started prodding around like you would with a stick, trying to hook the railing over the tip so she could reel it back up there.

What else should we talk about today?



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