...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

I think I've gotten bored with reviewing fruit.

(Though I must note that I had blackberries for the first time this weekend, and they'd definitely receive an A.)

I have, however, decided I will occasionally review other mundane things under my fruit review standards.

Today's subject:

Brief Lunchbreak Out in the Grass

(Our lunch picnic)

Uniqueness: Typically, when we convene outside for lunch every once in a while, we sit outside by the cafeteria, underneath large foofy umbrellas with swarms of suits scurrying all around us. Today, however, we instead went and sat out in the grass near an isolated picnic-table that was speckled with berries of some sort and bird-shit (this was our original destination). There was also a clothes hanger hanging nearby. This was the first change of lunch-atmosphere in quite some time--change is good, especially quarters.

Flavor and consistency: Lunch was slightly juicy with conversation, though it was speckled with the usual self-deprecating and other-people-deprecating banter. I peeled and ate a grapefruit, concluding that I prefer to scoop them out with a spoon since it is less time-consuming and less sticky. Plus, I only had half a napkin. And my fingers kept sticking together and I almost hit E with a chunk of grapefruit that I flicked. Otherwise, the consistency of lunch was smooth, despite a few rough bits of people throwing things at other people and a few ants making their way up the undersides of my thighs. At one point we talked about Kit, the car from Knight Rider. There was laughter. D talked quietly. Somebody repeated what he said accidentally because he had talked so quietly that no one heard it. He clearly was trying not to cry.

Healthiness: Completely devoid of anything remotely nutritious--like sucking on a hubcap at the side of the road that you just saw a tall man skittishly pee on while his eyes darted from left to right to make sure no one was watching him do so.

Ease of consumption: Almost came back up again this afternoon, but a few antacids took care of that.

Complaints: The grass was prickly and occasionally felt like ants crawling up my legs when really it wasn't. Also, I was sitting in a skirt, which doesn't make for comfortable and leisurely sitting (though it DID make for a few Sharon Stone remarks). And my hands were sticky with juices. And I forgot my Triscuits upstairs (and have just now realized that I've been spelling Triscuits wrong ever since I started spelling Triscuits which hasn't been THAT long, but no one has had the balls to tell me apparently; either that or no one ELSE knows how to spell them either).

Overall: I wasn't stuck inside in the freezing vacuum of my cubicle, so I can't complain too much.

Grade: B



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