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A Review of the Banana (The "Forbidden Fruit")

(Note--The "Bananas in Entertainment" subtopic
on the website this pic leads to is VERY misleading
and not quite so racy as one would assume.)

Uniqueness: What other fruit is long and hooknosed and used in high school sex ed classes to demonstrate how to put on a condom? The lowly dullard called "the apple"? I think not.

Flavor and consistency: The flavor of the banana is award-winning clearly. Otherwise why would so many people like so many banana-flavored edibles? And I agree--I really enjoy the flavor of bananas as well. *HOWEVER* I do not like the consistency of bananas at all. Eating a banana solo is something I cannot do--or at least I cannot consume a WHOLE banana. About 3 bites in, that little hangy thing in the back of my throat starts doing the rhumba and my gag reflexes start shaking their booties. There is something about the consistency that really freaks out my brain--I can usually consume a whole banana if I cut it up and disguise it in something else (a banana split or some yogurt for example), but even then, if I think about the weirdness of the consistency for too long while chewing it, gag reflex, here I come.

Healthiness: Nanners are good for you! Read more HERE!

Ease of consumption: Grab the stalk and pull back the side and you've got yourself a portable snack! Or peel it even cooler like the monkeys do by pinching the bottom of the banana (opposite of the stalk end) so that it pops open and then peel back the sides and voila!

Complaints: None, other than consistency. You can tell when a banana's ripe and you can tell when a banana's overripe, so the ripeness factor (thank god) is definitely NOT a complaint for this one.

Other Noteworthy Items: The banana has its own museum. What other fruit can boast THAT? Also, the banana is a good way to get from one place to another without destroying the environment: SEE!

Overall: I like bananas, in recipes, mixed in ice cream, soup, or yogurt, but the banana on its own wreaks havoc on my weird-foodness factors. Though he sure is great in the sack! (*wink wink*)

Grade: B



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