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The Zombies Vs. the Redneck Neighbors

I wanted to write something today, since my blogging skills seem to be dwindling in a "is there kryptonite somewhere near by?" kinda way...

But I blame my redneck neighbors for lack of good blogging, at least today.

Ah, my redneck neighbors.

Last night, they sat out in their driveway and blasted their radio from about 6:45 to about 1:30 am (though it could've been later but this is when I woke up from some loud burst of sound from downstairs and ventured down to pee). I dealt with this early on in the evening by trekking down to the park to read for about 2 hours, which was fine with me since the park at least had a nice soothing breeze going in this stifling heat. But then I had to return home once the sun had gone down. And the music and loudness was STILL GOING.

I try to remind myself that they enjoy each others' company in a drunken, talking about having "just gotten out of the hole" kinda way, and that that IS what life's all about--good friends and beer and "finally getting out of the hole."

It soothes me for maybe 20 minutes. But then they start singing along to the likes of "Have You Forgotten" at the top of their lungs, which has got to be the *LAMEST* country song ever recorded, followed by crappy garbage from the garbagey crapland that is 92.3 music, and the seething just bubbles up to the surface yet again.

Last night I actually finally shouted out the window for them to shut the hell up. But they couldn't hear it over the blasting radio. This would've been funny were it actually not so unfunny at the time. (This was at 11:30, mind you.) Finally, skinny-dude-who-just-got-out-of-prison seemed to notice that there was some sorta non-pukey non-92.3 foreign noise being emitted from somewhere other than his car radio or their big mouths and turned the stereo down to half-blast. But then he just decided to ignore my shouting.

I don't know where I'm going with this.

I am just tired and grouchy and sick of organizing my evening activities around the volume level of neighbors.

This morning, I was tempted to prop my boombox up in my bathroom window and put it on as loud as possible right before I left. But I didn't.

If only the world were a B-comedy, things would work out much more happily for me.

OOH! Or a zombie flick. They woulda been goners within just a couple minutes after the radio started.

Yeah yeah yeah, let's go with that.



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