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Letter to Dennis Hopper

Dear Dennis Hopper,

What happened to you, man?? Once upon a time you were the king of all things anti-establishmentarian, and now I see that you're playing a fricking "colonel with a life-long commitment to the military*" in some horky pro-patriotic Jerry Bruckheimer tv show called E-Ring, a show about "protecting the homeland and protecting either all of mankind or the life of a lone soldier" which, in the previews for it, has a big old American flag waving patriotically under the title?

I mean, you played that journalist dude in that little under-the-radar anti-Vietnam movie called Apocalypse Now. And you made that movie called, what was it, um yeah: EASY FRICKING RIDER which was all about being against the establishment and embracing the counterculture lifestyle.

What's the matter with you, man? You've become a fricking errand boy, sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill.

It's sad, man. It's just plain sad.



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