...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Not with a Whimper But a Bang

Last night, I chatted with E about what I want my funeral to be like when I finally kick the bucket.

Morbid, yes.

But here are the finalized plans:

  • It will be a closed casket wake;

  • People must be cheerful and not weepy and all that--otherwise they will be punished;

  • Along with the "no crying" rule, the viewing must be a celebration of my life, lame as it was;

  • AC/DC'S "TNT" will be pumped in over loud-speakers during the wake;

  • There will be a light show;

  • Footage of me playing air guitar to "TNT" will be taken sometime before my passing--said footage will be made into a hologram which will be projected on top of the casket during the "TNT" guitar solo;

  • There will also be pyrotechnics on either side of the casket, and these will be shot off during the climax of the song (see accompanying picture, courtesy of EPM designs);

  • I will be cremated.

  • If only LIFE were this interesting.



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