...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

#1 Reason Why I Should Appreciate My Job

Every year at Michfest, I'll be sitting around at my tent or curling up in my sleeping back and hear this terrific and loud droning noise seeping into the woods from a distance. It sounds like a very very large and very irregular bug buzzing in some weird kind of way. Every year I wonder to myself or others what the hell this noise could be.

Finally, this year the mystery was solved. I was walking to the August Night Cafe with M when we happened upon the very loud, very disgusting source of the droning: men were running back and forth with very large hoses from Port-A-Jane to Port-A-Jane sucking up... well... you know... all the shit and piss from the Port-A-Janes into a very large honest to god Shit-Mobile.

Need I say more?




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