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First Randomversary

Apparently our first randomversary was coated in a water-proof bubble of goodness. The rain was supposed to bludgeon it Friday night (60% chance) and Saturday (40% chance all day), but it literally waited until ten minutes after we wrapped things up to start. Ten minutes. This is a damn good relationship-omen to me.

Now, I actually don't like to give away all the intimate details of my life on this lil' blog here, despite the fact that it often SEEMS like I do. Everything I pick and choose to write about is very carefully chosen and is typically something that is significantly arms' length away from me that I don't mind sharing it with the internet universe.

But certain things are special tiny little delicate things that I like to keep close to me and share only with those that are important to me. Throwing them out on the internet here seems to serve no good 'cept to pollute them. This is one of those, so instead of expounding upon how fantastic my randomversary weekend was (and it WAS--it truly truly was) with hundreds of lavish and specific details, I'll just throw a few random tidbits out there and let your imaginations feast on these instead.

A snake trying to steal E's keys.

Right! No right! Now left! Left! Really really left!

Fire, glorious fire.

70-foot jitters.

Way too much time spent slamming into rocks.

E, you rock my socks off.



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