...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...


(For those of you who never read about LAST year's Michfest, feel free to do so starting HERE and working your way through the week.)


It is absolutely fucking beautiful out. I woke up to the wind in the trees sounding exactly like rain against tarp. So imagine my surprise to be greeted with big joyous grinning sunlight, not a rain drop in the sky. Dragged my ass out of bed early, sometime around 7, and went to take a shower in the outdoor showers. Always fun taking a shower beneath rustling leaves and pure blue sky, surrounded by other naked women also taking their first shower of the day. I smelt and felt stinky and rank, so what turned out to be an ice cold shower actually hit the spot. Despite being blind as a bat and trying to shampoo my hair with conditioner, growing quickly infuriated with its inability to foam up and thankfully realizing my mistake, it was definitely the right way to start off the day. I ate a quick breakfast--granola and yogurt, canteloupe, and pb and honey on wheat bread. Then events ensued that I will now jot down as I must remember to torture E with (since he kept joking about how I was gonna end up shagging tons of ladies while at the fest): this stone cold beautiful chick sauntered up and hit on me. Let us set the scene:

(L, walking along the path briskly towards her morning workshop. Passes foxy chick who is asking a couple women where to locate coffee. Notes that chick is pretty damn foxy. Continues on to workshop. Foxy chick apparently heads off behind L to pursue her coffee. She speeds up 'til she's next to L, and then slows down to match L's pace. L catches a blur of her out of the corner of her eye.)

L (politely): Mornin'.

Foxy Chick (grinning): Hey. (pause) I was just walking behind you and thought, damn, this woman is bee-oo-tee-ful from behind. So I decided to catch up because I thought to myself, You've GOT to find out what she looks like!

L (laughing a bit, and uncharacteristically suave-like for once in her life): Huh! Well, I hope I didn't disappoint. (also grinning)

Foxy Chick (shaking her head energetically): Oh no! Not. At. All. You're BEAUTIFUL.

L (grinning like a big stupid embarassed idiot): Heh heh. Likewise. And thanks.

(Foxy Chick heads off for morning coffee. L continues on to workshop, grinning at the great story that she will have to share with E--getting hit on within an hour of awakening on my first morning in Michfest, AND by a stone cold foxy chick.)

/End scene

So the workshop. The workshop is on herbal medicine, and I learned that I need to get me some nettles and some dandelion root and some red raspberry leaves (among other things). Our instructor welcomes us with piping hot coffee which my eyes and body greet energetically, like a big fat erection. Or maybe, more aptly, a huge erect clit. =) I learn learn learn tons of new shit that perhaps I will reproduce here later in the week. Meet M for lunch and then roam around the crafts area (afternoon workshop--Tantric Sexuality--has been pushed back to later in the week) and find a gift for E IMMEDIATELY. I think he will love it. ~~Women are salsa dancing as I write this.~~ It is packed here this year. My feet are already completely filthy. Heh heh. Ah Michfest.




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