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This morning I woke up in the dark to the sounds of REAL rain this time, which of course made me need to pee. Thankfully, mother nature rocks so far this week and the rain literally wrapped up its performance just moments before we awoke to start the day. Not a drop since. Blueberries for breakfast. Scrambled eggs as well. I wish I ate so healthy in the morning ALL the time, dammit. Though my chances of choking to death on the natural peanut butter that I slather on my bread (which are pretty damn high, even here at the festival) would be increased greatly, which is probably not so good a thing. Showered this morning--when it's hot it feels SO much more necessary to do this regularly during the week, unlike last year when it was rainy and cold and you can hide your stink beneath layers. Went to my Qigong workshop which has become an annual tradition. I am DETERMINEd to remember the fricking movements this time so I can force E to do it with me occasionally on the weekends. It is fiercely sunny out once again, not a rain cloud in the sky. Tonight is the opening ceremony which means the mad rush of tarps to snag a seat for the performances. Thankfully there's only two of us which will make things a bit easier. I feel as though I'm relaying nothing real substantial about the fest here at the moment--no politics, no philosophy, just my daily events. Perhaps because not much is riling me up this week as it did last year. I am just happy to be back home. All my positive energies are like a plant that's finally been watered after a long drought. E is right--I will most certainly return home more cheery and centered and ready to kick some patriarchal asses. (Beware, wiener-toters.) Oh, integral and important info that I DO have to impart to you: there is a new Ben and Jerry's bar this year (Half-Baked) at the Cuntree Store, and I am addicted: a brownie slice covered with ice cream and infused with random bursts of cookie dough and then topped with chocolate. **It is strangely empty over here today which means the line to the food tent is probably going to be GROTESQUELY huge--fingers crossed.

Okay. I still have 45 minutes til I have to meet M, so I will impart some more random tidbits. I have been topless the last two days. I fear I am getting more neurotic with my weird food compulsions, but at least they're amusing M. Some lovely woman just gave me big warm smiles. There are two girls about 20 ft. away wearing nothing but underwear and bats/fairy wings. E gave me an envelope to open each day of the week. I would tell you what was in each one, but I like secrets too much. =) I bought myself a sweet Michfest jogging jacket thing, to finally take place of my ratty red hoodie--very '70's. I still need to pee fiercely. So now we shall depart, oh Journal. Good day.




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