...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...


Finally! I've been so fricking busy, flitting about and doing my business, that I haven't had a chance to journal in two days. This is good.

The rain has been like a postage stamp, carefully placed in the corner of the days. The first rain took place in the middle of the night until just moments before the alarm went off. The second rain was Wednesday night during night stage--typically a mucky nightmare filled with rain ponchos, wet tarps, and slightly grouchy women. But this time it started right before Le Tigre and continued through the night into the next day. But it was perfectly in sync with the energy of Le Tigre, lemme tell you, and so we just took off our shoes and socks and danced the shit out of the muddy ground while Le Tigre rocked (and I mean ROCKED) the house out. We were soaking wet, we were caked in mud, but we didn't care because the music felt so damn good. They were phenomenal--even better than on their cds which is really goddamn impressive for a band that relies so heavily on electronics. They had choreographed dance routines, they had background slides and video footage, and they had killer singing voices. It was without a doubt one of the best shows I've seen here.

We walked back to the tent in the pouring rain, me barefoot all the way through woodchips and gravel, M dragging her filthy self behind me. Our arms were coated with random splotches of dirt and twigs, my pants were soaked through with water and dirt nearly to the knees, but we were very very happy. We slept well, and the rain kindly stopped mid-morning.




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