...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...


So. Saturday night. E and I are lying in bed at about 2 am, bullshitting and about ready to turn the light off as we're both at the point of slipping into groggy stupors. The bed starts shaking. I give it a minute or so, then I reach over with my legs to nudge E's legs (he sometimes has a tendency to jitter his legs nervously if he can't fall asleep or something). Right as I do that, E turns his head towards me and says, Is that YOU shaking the bed? And no, no it wasn't.

It started out relatively gently, but within a minute, my bed was shaking with the same violent shakes it might have were someone sitting at the base of it and jerking the bed backwards and forwards with all their might.

I literally think he MUST be kidding and actually shaking his legs because it is jerking back and forth so hard--my bed vibrates when trains go by (or sometimes semis), but this is NOWHERE in the region of vibration; this is full-blown shaking. And the vibration caused by the trains is typically so light that E doesn't even notice it when he's over because the weight of two bodies in one bed cancels it out. He swears again that it's not him. I sit up and put my glasses on and flip on the light. The bed is literally shaking backwards and forwards so hard THAT I CAN ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY SEE IT MOVING WITH NO PROBLEM WHILE SITTING UP.

I am, of course, super-freaked (and not in the good Rick James kinda way). I actually ask E to look under the bed and make sure there's nothing under there--heh heh.

The shaking abruptly stops. My only logical explanation is that perhaps my downstairs neighbors might've had the washer or dryer on in the basement, but I've never felt such violent shaking before. *Trying to convince myself that it is not, in fact, my ghost*



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