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A hearty and barbaric YAWP goes out to Ms. Maura for her first-ever gig last night. She rawked the motherf-ing house out for those of you who weren't there. And for those of you who WERE too, I suppose. Anyways, perhaps I'll post some of the pics from her show here if Jef is kind enough to forward me a couple of his favorite--ok, Jef? Um, Jef? JEF?!?!?!?!?

Anyways, the place was packed to the brim with people, and every single one of them was drop-dead quiet through the whole set. And Maura just threw one song after another after another at them, to quite thunderous applause. No shit. There were even whistles and screeches. Awesome awesome shit. My favorite moment was when Maura introduced the song she wrote for me (excuse me, I'm getting a little veklempt) and her nieces (who sat across from me) got all wide-eyed and kept asking, That's you right? That's YOU! She's singing about you! Tee hee. And she was!

So congrats to you, darling-dearest. You sure as shit are destined to get more gigs after that.

And a big barbaric yawp to Alec Stewart as well who breaks my damn heart every time he picks up that guitar. He rocked the house out as well on his first gig ever. Perhaps I'll also post some of HIS pics here if Jef is kind enough to forward me a couple of them as well--Um, Jesus Jef? Forward the motherf-ing things already? What's your f-ing problem?? =)

You can check out his shit here though in the meantime (and even some of his artwork which also rocks the house out):


Anyways, a round of big wet smooches and yip yips to the two of you for a great night of entertainment. You guys rock.



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