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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

To say the following:

A hearty congrats and farewell to Patrick--it is his last and very finalest day of work here. He's managed to dig his way out of this evil corporate pit and is heading off to NYC to pursue culinary school. A big shoutout--YIP YIP and AT TO DEATH--in his direction!

And also:

My ghost has returned. Yesterday, I returned home to find that my framed Pink Floyd poster had fallen off the wall. The poster was in a fairly junky frame and was held in by a piece of glass. I thought nothing of it, until I went to pick it up and put it elsewhere. The glass and poster had dropped out of the frame--the backing and frame were still hanging on the wall. Not unusual. A wind must have disengaged it. However, the glass had fallen straight down and landed propped up against the wall very nicely and neatly. Still not the weird part yet, but here it comes. The poster itself was nicely centered in the middle of the piece of glass, but after my brain took a second to process the scenario, I realized **THE POSTER WAS FACING THE COMPLETELY WRONG DIRECTION**. Instead of the graphics facing inwards towards the glass as anything framed typically does, the graphics were facing OUTWARDS, as though someone had carefully flipped it over and recentered it in the middle of the glass but facing the opposite direction. This would take a few moments of skill to line up even by a human's hands, so either my ghost is at it again, or I was lucky enough to witness a one in a million freak occurrence in which my poster fell just the right way that it slipped back over the glass in a perfectly centered manner but facing the opposite direction.

Weird shit, man.



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