...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Things I Did This Weekend Mixed in with Lies About Things I Did This Weekend

1. Saw a car get hit by a young pimply-faced kid who flew through a red light without even slowing down. Watched his bumper fall off as he pulled to the side of the road.

2. Ate the first BLT I've had in 9 years.

3. Wet my bed.

4. Ran into an old friend from freshman year of college at the Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival.

5. Went to the drive-in to see Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and got to watch really old 1950's commercials in between movies while snuggling.

6. Ate meat.

7. Visited my sister in Kent with all my sibs and my mom. Got in a shouting match with my brother on the way.

8. Threw up toothpaste.

9. Decided to hate the LAND OF THE ANXIOUS DOG blog for the rest of this week. *grumbling to self--man, how i hate it--grumbling to self*

10. Got drunk and ran down W. 11th to PARALLAX with no shirt on.

11. Discoed at the discotheque.

12. Exhibited a complete and utter disregard for human life.

13. Drank half a bottle of $3.50 wine.

14. Thought about the difference between "acceptance" and "tolerance" and how the notion of "tolerating" someone (esp. a friend, acquaintance, or family member) is one of the most haughty egotistical prideful notions I've ever heard. Reached the conclusion that "tolerance" is a touchstone revealing the lameness of the "tolerator" and not the "tolerated." In other words, if you have to "tolerate" me, you sure as shit ain't worth my while.

15. Bought a knit cap. Wore it.

16. Defecated.

17. Oh. And swung a large Scottish sword. (Thanks for reminding me, Land of the Anxious Dog that I hate ever so much **grumbling some more**)



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