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Things That Put a Smile on My Big Fat Face

1. Crash--My sister talked me into going to see this over the weekend at the $1 movie theater. She said she'd read many good reviews about it stating that it looked at racial issues in complicated and interesting ways, unlike most movies that attempt to deal with race (sidenote: damn you, Samuel L. for being a part of such garbage!!!!). Anyways, the movie is by no means flawless. It has some lame moments in it. But it does a FANTASTIC job of looking at stereotypes and prejudice in complicated, rather than typically flat, ways. And it is not prescriptive at all. It moreso just examines the issues and brings them to a very nice glaring light rather than hemming and hawwing about them being obvious and then just preaching some sorta solution. Go see, or go rent at this point. Worth seeing.

2. The boy outside the library--Last week, when I was coming out of the library after picking up some books I ordered, I had a couple little boys shout shit at me and some other little girls roaming around out there (these were 8 or 9 year olds, mind you). Anyways, some gangly teenager (no more than 15) started lecturing them about "respecting women" and completely went off on them as I was getting into my car. It made my cheeks ache with happiness to see a teenage boy whose growing brain was quickly dwarfing the gangliness of his growing body. You rock, gangly library boy!



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