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Coasters and Carell

Last night I had a dream that I was at an amusement park with a bunch of friends and we decided to go on a roller coaster. I got the last car. We're going on the small hills of the coaster when I have the sudden suspicion that we're kinda Flinstoning the ride, using our legs and feet to propel ourselves along the track. I am not certain of this, however.

We reach the large hill which goes straight up, and I am literally being pulled up in a way that feels like a rope is connected to me around my waist. I am worried, because the chunk of metal that is my car (which really is just a chunk of metal wrapped around my waist) doesn't seem to be at all connected to the track which makes me scared that once we reach the top and take off down the hill, I'm a goner. I look down to see other folks behind me and realize that we're really just scaling the large pole that makes the hill with the big chunks of metal around our waists and that people's legs are getting worn out from doing this, including mine.

Suddenly, a construction crane pivots around and grabs the large pole, all of us dangling from it and shrieking. It lumbers towards the edge of nearby cliff which overlooks a marvelous view of the tops of fiery autumnal trees, and then it just falls over the edge... along with us.

But I am ok and suddenly standing nearby. I see that it is Steve Carell who was manning the crane, and he places his hands on his hips, superman-style, and shouts with boisterous and enunciated laughter, "Ah ha ha ha!"

I think to myself that, yeah, I DO actually think Steve Carell is kind of a fox. As long as he doesn't open his mouth. Though I suppose it's the same with most boys.



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