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MacGyver Tip #347

How to Make a Dominatrix Whip Out of a Candle and Electrical Tape

You've gotten yourself into a situation where the only escape is to beat your way out.

Have no fear--MacGyver's here... And he's got the solution for you!


One tapered candlestick:

One roll of electrical tape:

One head of feathered hair that would put even Farrah Fawcett to shame:


Take the electrical tape and wrap the candle with it carefully from bottom to top. Once you are done, place two short pieces of tape over the bottom of the candle to cover it, in a sort of X. Now tear off about five strips of equal-sized tape--perhaps about 6 inches long or so. Fold each piece in half, width-wise so that they are still 6 inches long, but much skinnier, and so none of the sticky part of the tape is still showing. Carefully place the end of each piece around the top of the tapered candle and begin to roll the electrical tape around them and the tip of the candle so as to adhere them to the base of the "whip." Continue to wrap the electrical tape around the candle again, this time from top to bottom, carefully tearing off the tape at the very base, once the ends of the X you made at the bottom are covered.

Voila--a dominatrix whip.

Begin beating and listening to the tortured ecstasy as you make your escape.



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