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Marketing Minions of a Skanknation

So I coulda sworn that Ms. Peppermint recently blogged about the horrificness of the Bratz Dolls line, but search as I might, I could not track the post down. Anyways, for those of you who've seen the whores that are the Bratz dolls

there's now even more reason to be afraid:

This past weekend, I saw a commercial for Bratz Babyz. Apparently Bratz is so into promoting a skanknation of children that they now have Bratz infant dolls that are dressed up as "hoes." (Check out the pics of them in their undies, under {BRATZ BABIES} on the main page--I mean, is this nauseatingly suggestive or what? Their fricking pelvises are jutting out as they stare at us seductively in their underpants. *Hork*)

Is it just me, or is there something mildly terrifying about seeing a toddler doll skanked up in a crop-top, knee-high boots, and a mini-skirt? I mean, what CHILD do you know that actually DRESSES like that? (And please, that was a rhetorical question. If you answer with the affirmative answers that I'm sure are out there, I know I will probably just end up squatting in the corner of my room and shaking and drooling in horror.)

Now go run inside, and arm yourself against the encroaching army of skanks.



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