...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Things I Learned This Weekend

  • I am too big a fidget about permanence and anything else long-term, and this makes most folks horribly nervous.

  • Cats will sleep in anything, including garbage cans.

  • Goat cheese is really good.

  • I don't mind bees at all--I'll even play with them after they land on me--but I'm not a fan of them flying in hordes at me when I'm at the apple farm trying to eat a nice fresh apple danish. All the swatting and cursing and running so as not to accidentally eat one makes me look like a girl.

  • Shadows are fun:

  • What looks looks light on my computer at home will look dark on EVERY OTHER COMPUTER IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND.

  • If you don't want your neighbor to think you are stalking her, you should not a) sit outside her house with a camera in your hand, waiting for the groundhog to pop its head out from under her porch and then have her come home while you're sitting there and be unable to TELL her this is why you're sitting there for fear that she will call someone to exterminate the poor thing, and then b) awkwardly skulk around the yard looking for the cute tiny kitty only to have her bump into you again as she goes to get her second trip of groceries from the car, and finally, c) when she introduces herself finally, you should not respond by stating that you really like the new candles that she put in her front-room windows and tell her that you noticed them the other day when you were staring out your window at their house.

  • There is nothing more exciting then finding huge bags of fake Halloween spiderwebs for $1.19 apiece (12 glow-in-the-dark spiders included).

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